www.reiki.org- The International Center for Reiki Training website founded by William Lee Rand,  Publisher of Reiki News magazine

www.reikimembership.com - The International Center for Reiki Training Membership Association website

www.rainbowreikiusa.com - Website of author Walter Lubeck

www.reikidharma.com - Website of author Frank Arjava Petter

www.dianestein.net - Website of Diane Stein, author of Essential Reiki

www.reikikids.ca - Reiki Kids(c) website 

www.reikirays.com- Source for Reiki inspiration and articles

www.efthypnotherapy.com - Website of Master Hypnotist Chris Pizzarello, Chris is also a Advanced Master NLP Practitioner, a Certified Master Trainer in Pain Control, and uses EFT to help his clients. Chris also is certified in smoking cessation and weight loss therapy.

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